E-WORDS. Europeans Win Ostracism. From Remembrance to a Dialogue Society

(Project N. 5888617-CITIZ-1-2017-IT-CITIZ-REMEM)

E-WORDS aims to spread tolerance through the intercultural dialogue, acting without prejudice, raising awareness on such processes & their consequences both from formal participate educational means & peer education, as an essential instrument to develop transversal skills among the young citizens of today’s multicultural Europe. Through an innovative analysis of key words, E-WORDS promotes reflection & debate on European cultural diversity & common values to promote peace, reconciliation, respect. The key words are analysed by their meaning in the past & in Europe today. For this purpose different activities are organized by partners: webinars to facilitate the debate on keywords, seminars to share testimonies from prisoners, school students performances, young people drawings, film projections, round tables, debates on how we can fight racism against minorities groups.

E-WORDS Workshop in Amsterdam

(coming soon) March 14th – 15th, 2019 – Amsterdam Duitsland Instituut First Draft of the E-WORDS Two-day Event in The Netherlands Thursday, March 14th (afternoon) Public discussion on the role of the Bystander:... READ MORE